Would you give up yourself just to belong?

Johnny is a young lad whose parents died. He moved to the city to find somewhere to belong.
All the people there take a medicine called s.t.e.r. ("substance to eradicate radiance") these days.
It makes them lose their individuality and the differences between them, so they can get along with each other well.
Johnny is rejected by some kids his age because he has never taken s.t.e.r., so he sets off to find some in order to not be alone anymore.
Will he succeed? Will the sacrifice be worth it?

"You are them, on s.t.e.r." is a third person 3D platformer with elements of stealth and bullet hell.

~ Controls ~
WASD / Arrows / ZQSD / left analog stick to move
Mouse / right analog stick to look around
Left mouse button / space / right trigger (R2) to jump
Right mouse button / left trigger (L2) to slow down time
Esc to quit / show mouse cursor

~ Hint ~
There might just be an alternative ending if you finish the game without picking up any vials. It is really, really hard though. :)

Created within 48h for Ludum Dare 33

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Published129 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
TagsLudum Dare 33


YouAreThemOnSTER_Windows.zip (23 MB)
YouAreThemOnSTER_Linux.zip (25 MB)
YouAreThemOnSTER_MacOs.zip (14 MB)
YouAreThemOnSTER_Source.zip (8 MB)

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