~ Story ~ 
This story begins in a tiny village. Little Dotty lived a life full of happiness and joy there. Raised only by her mother, she did not have one single care in the whole wide world. But then, one cloudy, rainy and just all around lousy day, people started getting ill. Little Dotty’s mother was also affected. And so little Dotty set out to find the cure. Because who else could do it but little Dotty? Rumour has it that the recipe has been split into four fragments and scattered throughout the land. Whoever would do such a thing is beyond me. There is not much time. Little Dotty has to hurry to find all fragments of the recipe and return to the village.
Thankfully she possesses the awesomesauce power of Zenpassana™ meditation!

~ Controls ~
Arrows to move, Ctrl to run (drains power)
While not running, press the key shown to meditate (Zenpassana™ style)
Ctrl / Cmd to advance text, Return to skip entire dialogue

Created within 48h for Ludum Dare 39 (Theme: Running out of power)

Check out my indie game Recollection, my game dev YouTube channel and more at https://linktr.ee/Erkberg


TaoDWin.zip 24 MB
TaoDLinux.zip 42 MB
TaoDMac.app.zip 38 MB
TaoDSource.zip 193 MB

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