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An atmospheric, relaxed puzzle / drawing game about connections and the stars.

Created within 48h for GMTK Jam 2021 (Theme: Joined together)

Check out my indie game Recollection, my game dev YouTube channel and more at https://linktr.ee/Erkberg

I'd love to see your constellations, please share them in the comments! (the game has a built-in screenshot feature, just press the print key on your keyboard and a screenshot will be taken and saved to the game directory)

Sandbox mode is the main mode in the game. Here you can draw constellations with configurable amounts of stars. You can still switch to "below" in that mode, but there is not much to be done there.

I unfortunately scoped a bit too high for everything else. Story mode and "below" gameplay (and visuals) still need a lot more love until they can be called finished.

Here's an excerpt of my list of TODOs for a post-jam version:

  • improve story mode / below gameplay by adding more mechanics (pickups to increase amount of star lines drawable, buttons to disable obstacles, maybe a mechanic where the below affects the above, making some actual use of overlapping starlines mechanic etc.) and by adding some more concrete story along with matching constellations
  • turn story mode gameplay into actual puzzles by removing the possibility to go "bit by bit" (as seen in level IV)
  • build a lot more story mode levels with some actually brainteasing puzzles
  • add gamepad support, polish below visuals / UI / transitions etc.

Known issues:

  • when leftclicking on the starting star of a line in story mode, the line will not be returned to the pool, which might result in getting stuck
  • when restarting sandbox mode, the lines are not cleaned up


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