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Seems like a fun game but it doesnt really explain much, how am I supposed to get the goo? I remember getting one but then I haven't gotten any afterwards

Yes, the goo is really hard to see, it's a pickup that's lying around the level but you have to look very closely. (I'll definitely make this more visible if I ever update the game)

Wow Okay I'm obviously really late to say this, but why was it so hard to see the things I needed to click on for upgrades?

You are absolutely right, these things are too hard to spot. The reason for this is that this is a not very polished game jam game that I haven't touched in more than three years :D I might get around to it soon though, stay tuned!

fun game, played till i could not progress, and that was after destroying the first demon spike, after that no matter what i tried, 10 ghost cats will all buildings and tree max, and no way to mine th next wall, was not able to get any further, demon regenerates the spikes and kills the cats faster than i can keep up with even with saving 10 at once...


Hey, thanks for playing the game and leaving a comment, really appreciate it!

The trick in the end once the tree has been maxed out is that you can then destroy the fireballs by simply hovering over them, which makes destroying the spikes a cakewalk :)